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About BYD


BYD's businesses span across electronics, automobile, new energy and rail transit equipment. It engages in energy acquisition, storage and application, also supplying turnkey solutions for zero emission. BYD owns core technologies in new energy vehicle industry chain, ranging from battery, mechanical, electronic control and chip. With their endeavor in the three leading product series including sedans, commercial vehicles and forklift trucks, which covers seven major regular and four specific domains.


As a leading new energy vehicle (NEV) manufacturer, BYD has ranked first in China’s EV sales for six consecutive years (2014 to 2019), and its new energy vehicle footprint can be found in more than 300 cities across over 50 countries around the world. In recent years, BYD has launched a series of electric vehicle models, which illustrates a perfect integration of traditional Chinese cultural design elements and new energy technologies.


BYD's quest remains to bring pure electric, emission free transport solutions to different industries and sectors and cities around the world. To date, BYD’s a million more new energy vehicles have reduced global CO2 emissions by over 6 million tonnes – equivalent to the planting of more than 502 million trees.


Today we’re marking a significant  milestone – becoming one of the first electric vehicle manufacturers in the world to produce 1,000,000 electric cars.



About JCM


JC Motor is the exclusive distributor of BYD (Build Your Dreams) electric vehicles (EV car) in Hong Kong.


JCM was established in 2011, primarily engages in the trading the new vehicles parallel imported from Europe and Japan, as well as locally pre-owned vehicles. Over the last decade or so, JCM has been toiling silently to pave its way up to the leading position in carbon fibre auto parts and became the first auto trading company in Hong Kong supplying two high-end carbon fibre wheels. It also supplies carbon fibre accessories and full carbon fibre bikes of KYO and Gallok. In 2021, JCM proactively expanded its business scope and took part in the R&D projects for light-weight autos of China’s several car brands. With close ties fostered with major car makers, it has laid a solid foundation for building a strong network for automobile distribution. In the same year, JCM became the exclusive retailer in Hong Kong of BYD, and bolstered a stronger market position in electric vehicles.